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Stem for T&S-260466

for T&S, chrome plated brass spring check valve with barrel, cold, 2-7/8"...V-75 260466, V-35 25-0066C, V-16A 1Z-8C, V-68 TS000789-20, V-9 432078, FP-TS-1, V-75 260462, V-35 22-2063, V-68 TS000812-25, V-9 72-8286L, FP-TS-7

Stem for T&S-TS000812-25

for T&S, chrome plated stem with barrel, hot, 2-13/16"...STEM V-75 LF160462, V-9 412311, V-86 TS81125, FP-TS-6...BARREL V-75 160466, V-4 432077, V-86 TS00788-20, FP-TS-7

Stem for T&S-TS81125

for T&S, chrome plated stem, hot, fits barrel number W32001, 2-9/16"...V-75 LF160462, V-9 412311, V-86 TS81125, FP-TS-6