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If you are looking for a local plumbing supply company that can be your resouce for plumbing parts, shower parts and hard-to-find plumbing parts, then you need At, we will work with you one on one to make sure that you get the exact part you need. We specialize in antique, hard to find plumbing parts so whatever plumbing supply you need, if we don’t have it we know where to find and can custom order it for you.

Find out for yourself why our customers have rated our customer service department as the most reliable depart in the plumbing supply industry. Not only with our team of plumbing experts work with you to ensure that the part we deliver is the correct plumbing part, but they will also offer their plumbing expertise free of charge.

Our inventory of plumbing and toilet repair parts includes Delta faucet parts, Moen faucet parts, American Standard stems and seats, and Kohler faucet parts

If you don't see what you need, please call us at 210-733-3583. The experienced staff at Faucet Parts specializes in helping you find a standard plumbing part or a unique and hard to find plumbing repair part.


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"I tried Guadalupe, Lowes and HomeDepot and couldn't find the part I needed even though Lowes and Home Depot both sent me home with items I had to return for a refund.   Faucet Parts had what I needed, the service was excellent, and the price was half of what I paid at Lowes.  I'm coming here for all my plumbing parts from now on!!!" - Albert G.

"This place has everything you'd need. The staff was very helpful. The price was less expensive than Amazon. They explained the obscure details of the part I had to install. Will definitely use again if needed. Much better than the big box stores if you need anything unusual." - Jim B.

"Awesome place. These guys (and gal) are extremely helpful, patient, and they have the part that you need. Forget the corporate hardware chains. Come here and support local!" - Jason C.

Featured products


Flush valve for American standard champion toilet ***THIS IS THE REPLACEMENT FOR AMERICAN STANDARD PART # A53175-0070A...... OEM AS3174.002-0070A, FP-15-D-5

Carefree handle-W1009

Carefree single acrylic clear handle, shaft is 3/4" deep from edge of handle, shaft hole is rectangular shape on two sides and round shape on two sides, hole opening is about 1/4" X 3/8"...Old DPS W1009, 3C N/A,OEM N/A FP-UR-9,V-68

Cartridge For American Standard-AS994053-0070A

American Standard Cartridge - Amarilis, Platner & Sottin for hot or cold wall mount faucet 2 1/4" long...OEM 028610-0070A,FP-AS-54

Cartridge For Carefree-U010

Carefree single handle cartridge for lavatory, kitchen, tub and shower, fits Milwaukee, Sears and Universal Rundle, 2-3/4" long...V-4 163439, V-35 46-8700, V-86 UR8254, FP-,UR-7

Cartridge For Delta-RP19804

Delta cartridge assembly with stainless steel plate for Monitor Valve Series 1300 & 1400 tub and shower, fits handle HDL-12, 4-3/16" long...V-9, V-69 RP19804, V-86 DERP19804, FP-DE-18

Cartridge For Kohler mixing unit-GP76851

Kohler Rite Temp pressure-balancing unit for all new and existing mid-range pressure balanced mixers...V-68 GP76851, V-31 KO76851, V-4 180081

Cartridge For Moen-MO1225

Genuine Moen Cartridge 1225 B For Single Handle Faucet Chateau...V-30 MO1225, V-86, SLD1402,MO1225B, FP-MO-5

Cartridge For Price Pfister-910-030

Price Pfister Tub Ceramic Stem Hot/Cold...V-75,V-9, V-86 910-030, FP-PP-31(03011)(11-6049)(405411)

Cartridge For Price Pfister-PP910-030

Price Pfister Tub Ceramic Stem Hot/Cold...V-75,V-9, V-86 PP910-030, FP-PP-31-A(405441)

Cartridge for Wolverine Brass-53571

for Wolverine Brass, cartridge ceramic disc with o-rings, hot and cold, for two handle faucet, 1-3/4" short...V-79 53571, V-86 WB53571, FP-WB-4(52531-2)(463211)(11-5253)

Cartridge for Wolverine Brass-53572

for Wolverine Brass, cartridge ceramic disc with o-rings, hot and cold, 3-5/8" long V-79 WB53572, FP-WB-5

Nicolazzi Cartridge-456921

Ceramic Cartridge for Nicolazzi,closes right Hot, Approx. 2 " long, 24 pt spline count,...V-75 456921, FP-NIC-1 (AB11-9121)(21471)



Nicolazzi Cartridge-456921

Ceramic Cartridge for Nicolazzi,closes right Hot, Approx. 2 " long, 24 pt spline count,...V-75 456921, FP-NIC-1 (AB11-9121)(21471)

Harcraft faucet seat-55.0404

Hardcraft brass faucet seat, 25/64" x 9/16" x 20 thread...Old DPS 30064, 3C, 42-HARC-1AOEM 6311

Cartridge For Nicolazzi-456922

Ceramic Cartridge for Nicolazzi,closes left Cold, Approx. 2" long, 24 pt spline count,...FP-NIC-2(21472)