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American Standard repair kit-533044

American Standard brass plunger repair kit for 3010 ballcock...Old DPS 533044, 1801-K, 3C 76-3250, OEM 8339, 12-C-7

Case ballcock kit-2064.K

Case brass seat and plunger ballcock kit, 1-13/16" long...Old DPS 2064K, 3C N/A, OEM N/A,...V-43,FP-12-C-10

Case ballcock kit-2064-K

Case solid brass seat and plunger ballcock kit, 2" long...V-2064-K, V-86 2064.K, FP-43-C-11A

Case plunger kit-1936-K

Case solid brass ballcock plunger kit...Old DPS 1936-K, 3C 76-3288,FP-12-C-3,533147

Case plunger kit-480-0183-00

Case solid brass ballcock plunger kit, Indiana replacement number 50...V-68 480-0183-00, FP-12-C-11

Coast Foundry repair kit-533205

Coast Foundry repair kit for anti-siphon 1-B-1 ballcock...Old DPS,OEM 533205 12-C-20

Float for Kohler-K51291

for Kohler, white plastic float,...FP-KO-56-A

Fluidmaster ballcock seal-8167

Fluidmaster black rubber ballcock seal, for a less expensive alternative try the Universal ballcock seal A201...Old DPS 8167, 3C 76-2421, OEM 242, 212

Hoov-R-Line repair kit-181067

for Hoov-R-Line, ballcock repair kit...Old DPS 76-2563B, 3C 76-2563, OEM N/A,FP-12-C-9

Hoov-R-Line repair kit-533275

for Hoov-R-Line, anti-siphon ballcock bonnet repair kit, repairs ballcocks since 1985...Old DPS 76-2563A, 3C 76-2563, OEM 930015FP-12-C-16

Kit for Kohler-K30166

Kohler, one piece ballcock kit,FP-12-B-24V-9

Repair Kit for Kohler-K30106

for Kohler, flush valve repair kit for Champlain toilet after 1973,...FP-KO-73-A,V-68