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Cartridge For Speakman #458801

Ceramic Cartridge for Speakman, Hot, 20 pt spline count, available with European 20 pt spline count, 2" long,...V-75FP-SPG-20A(62041)(458801)(AB11-6214)

Cartridge For Speakman #458802

Ceramic Stem for Speakman, Cold, 20pt spline count, Available with European 20 pt Broach, 2" long,...V-75,FP-SPG-20(62042)(458802)

Cartridge for Speakman-402951

for Speakman, ceramic quarter turn stem, hot, 3-3/8"...V-75 159204, V-86 SPG05-0692, FP-SPG-21(402951)(AB11-6202)(62021)

CARTRIDGE FOR Speakman-402952

CARTRIDGE for Speakman, ceramic quarter turn stem, cold, 3-3/8"...V-75 259204, V-86 SPG05-0693, FP-SPG-21-A