Tank Levers

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American Standard tak lever-047192-0020A

American Standard Neoangle tank lever with chrome plastic handle and 4", 6", 8" combination 30 degree angle plastic arm, cut to desired length, for 4053, 4078, 4065, 4112 4114 tanks...Old DPS T01-048, 76-1828, 3C 76-1828, OEM 047192-0020A,...FP-16-B-39

American Standard tank lever-047242-0020A

American Standard chrome color left hand trip lever with 45 degree angle, fits models Ellisse F4075.116, Cadet 2 F4072, Hunterdon F2055, Hamilton F2092, Savona F2095 and F2097, High Hamilton F2096, Cadet F2099 and F2100 and many more...Old DPS 047242-0020A, 3C N/A, OEM 047242-0020A,FP-16-B-43,V-68

American Standard tank lever-AS047148-0020A

American Standard chrome color left hand trip lever for 4083/93/4016 tanks... Old DPS AS47148-0020A, 3C N/A, OEM 047148-0020A,...FP-16-B-42,V-8

American Standard tank lever-AS47108

American Standard push button tank lever actuator, fits models Roma II F2012, Plaza Suite F2016, Ellisse F2008 and others, OEM 047108-00200A,FP-AS-127-A,V-68